Mom Moment #58 – Dinosaur Stomp

The nearest science museum (1.5 hours away) had a traveling dinosaur exhibit and We.Were.Going. These monsters stomp around day in and day out. We talk about longnecks and sharp-tooths, what they eat, where they came from and where they went. Dinosaurs are alive and well in our house. On Saturday, I packed up the kiddo… Continue reading Mom Moment #58 – Dinosaur Stomp

{Mom Must-Haves} Summer Fun!

I am soooo happy that summer is HERE in Wisconsin. It has been absolutely beautiful the last couple weeks and we have been lucky enough to be outside nearly every day. Rain or shine, we are outside. We have been having so much fun between the sprinkler, playground, community pool, bubbles, planting flowers, etc. that… Continue reading {Mom Must-Haves} Summer Fun!

{Mom Must-Haves} Capturing Memories That Last A Lifetime

As a child I always enjoyed playing with my mom’s 35mm Nikon camera. Yes, an old school film camera. I used my mom’s old camera to capture so much of my youth and to experiment with photography. My parents were also really good at taking pictures of sporting events, my friends, family events, and other… Continue reading {Mom Must-Haves} Capturing Memories That Last A Lifetime

Mom Moment #82 – Who’s The Boss?

We keep our cool as we try to guide these young minds to be caring, compassionate people, knowing right from wrong. But sometimes these little independent people get the best of us. What’s your Mom Moment? Tell us below in the comments and it may be featured as one of our favorites.