{Ruh-roh} Dog Moment #32 – Walk This Way

Loosing your pet is completely terrifying but leave it to my dog to lighten the mood.

What’s your Ruh-roh dog moment? Tell us below in the comments and it may be featured as one of our favorites.

Ruh-Roh - Dog Owner Moment #PoochPawty #PuppyParty

By Jessy Robelia

I’m a quirky artistic person that loves to be creative.I often have five projects going on at once and I couldn't be happier to keep busy. On the flip side, I love relaxing at home and spending lots of time with my goofy pup Rocko. I'm a movie & tv fanatic and spend way to much time watching both. You're more likely to see me in a sweatshirt then a pair of pumps and I feel strongly that you can't be sad when you're holding a cupcake. Most importantly, friends, family and my dog are everything to me and they're what makes my life full of laughter and fun!