Holiday Crafts for Kids: Penguin Snow Globe

Give this adorable little penguin friend a swirly whirly world with this easy snowglobe tutorial. With a few craft supplies and a little time, you and your kids will have a fun holiday craft to enjoy throughout the season.

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Penguin Snowglobe by #HappyDot

The Supply List:
Holly Jolly Penguin Cut-Outs
(2 of same)
Large Holly Jolly Confetti Circle
Red Snowflake Cut-Out
Floral Foam & Toothpick
9 oz. Party Cup
“Snow” Confetti

STEP 1 | Glue the large party circle to a piece of round floral foam. Let dry completely.

STEP 2 | Glue Holly Jolly Penguins together, back to back, with a toothpick in the center. Leave 1” of pick sticking out at the bottom. Let dry. Add a dab of glue to pick and insert into center of the base.

STEP 3 | Fill 9 oz. plastic party cup with “snow” and snowflake table confetti. Tip base over and place on top of cup. Turn over.

STEP 4 | Add a ring of glue to the cup and base to attach. Top off with snow to hide the glue.

STEP 5 | Finish with a red snowflake cut-out at the top.

Display with your other holiday decorations or add a ribbon and use as an ornament.


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