Christmas Crafts for Kids: Snowflake Ornament

This Frosty Snowflakes Ornament will hold a special message that you will love to bring out year after year. By having your child write a message on the ornament, you will turn you child’s Christmas craft into a unique keepsake that will hold his or her handwriting.

Some message ideas are:
I Love Mom – or Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc.
Their name
A drawing of the family
A Holiday Wish
Christmas Crafts for Kids: Snowflake Ornament by #HappyDot

The Supply List:
Snowflake Cut-Outs
White Ornament
Blue Paint Pen

STEP 1 | Thread ribbon at the top eyelet of the ornament. Plan your spacing for the snowflake cut-out and loop to hang. Tie ribbon.

STEP 2 | Glue two snowflake cut-outs together, back to back.
TIP: Gluing just at the sides will allow the ribbon to slip through freely.

STEP 3 | Place the ornament in a small bowl to keep it steady. Have your child write his message on the front with the paint pen. Let dry completely.

BONUS | For a unique twist on the craft, turn it into a trendy chalkboard ornament.

Spray paint with chalkboard paint, then follow the same directions above. Write on it with chalk or white paint pen.