Christmas Crafts for Kids: Santa’s Favorite Hot Cocoa Pack

Perfect for classroom gifts, neighbor gifts or for your friends and family at large gatherings, Santa’s Favorite Hot Cocoa Packs are a way to get the kiddos involved with your gift list.

This easy Christmas craft will be loved by everyone – especially with a rich dark chocolate cocoa pack surprise on the inside.

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Hot Cocoa Packs by #HappyDot

The Supply List:
Snowy Santa Circle Confetti
10” x 12” Kraft Paper
Hot Cocoa Pack
Candy Canes

STEP 1 | Place the kraft paper in front of you on a table, long side facing you. Fold up, creating the pocket.

STEP 2 | Fold the short ends to the back. Use the width of the hot cocoa pack as a guide to get the right size.

STEP 3 | Place the hot cocoa pack in the pocket.

STEP 4 | Attach the Snowy Santa party circle to the front with glue

STEP 5 | Make a heart with the two candy canes and glue* in place.

*Hot glue will work best for this step as the candy canes may be a little heavy for regular glue.