Woodland Creatures Baby Shower Inspiration

Perfect for a Mommy-To-Be who loves the outdoors and the furry forest friends that come with it, this Woodland Creatures baby shower theme will inspire you to host an adorable baby shower. Our Woodland Creatures theme is designed with a fun wood grain pattern and has everyone’s favorite critters, making it easy to decide on do-it-yourself party crafts and fun baby shower decorations.
Woodland Creatures Party Inspiration - Baby Shower Ideas #BigDot #HappyDot

Here are out favorite woodland party ideas:

Custom Candy Boxes // Personalized treat boxes or candy boxes are an easy way to offer all of your party guests a sweet treat or fun snack. We filled ours with gold candies to bring some shimmering accents to the whole party.

Chevron Tableware // Chevron party supplies are a great way to add some pattern to your theme and the green plates and napkins were perfect for this woodland party. We placed in them in a dark basket along with brown forks, knives and spoons.

Scalloped Party Circles // These fun do it yourself craft supplies are part of the table decorating kit. With a hole punch and some twine, it is easy to make all of your party plates, baskets and display pieces perfectly coordinate. Plus, you will have the rest of the kit to decorate all of your party tables.

Cupcake Decorations // Cover cupcake baking papers with these wraps that are easy to use. They will make your buffet table look amazing and are sure to impress everyone!

Woodland Creatures Party Inspiration - Baby Shower Ideas #BigDot #HappyDot

Shaped Cut Outs // Shaped cuts are one of the most versatile party supplies available. This set comes with 4 shapes: a hedgehog, a racoon, a deer, a fox and a toadstool. The shaped cut outs made many appearances in this Woodland Creatures party. (1) Glued to toothpicks for cupcake picks; (2) Water bottles wrapped with burlap and ribbon, then  cut out added to the front; (3) and placed in gold frames with a chevron backing to bring the shimmering gold and zig zag pattern to all areas of the buffet table.

Triangle Decoration Kit // A fun pennant banner completed this party and was a great backdrop to the buffet table. With a hole punch, some twine and two large sticks, the triangle decoration kit was exactly what was needed to give this party a unique look!

Woodland Creatures Party Inspiration - Baby Shower Ideas #BigDot #HappyDot

And finally, the food. This Woodland Creatures baby shower had wonderfully themed snacks for the party guests.

Toadstool Mushroom Pop // With a wooden dowel, standard marshmallows, red candy melts and some white frosting, these pops were a great no-bake addition to the buffet table. Just insert the stick into a marshmallow, dip in melts red candy chips, and dot with white frosting. They were displayed in a small box wrapped with kraft paper, then decorated with ribbon and a party circle from the Woodland Creatures table confetti kit. Some moss topped it off and completed the display.

Grassy Cupcakes // These were an easy homemade treat, dressed up with Woodland Creatures shaped cut outs glued to toothpicks and finished with cupcake wraps. To frost,  the grass decorating tip with some green frosting created the fun look. This is one of the easiest cake decorating tips to use and even a beginner can create this look!

Chocolate Acorns // These are a super fun buffet table filler that everyone will adore! Begin by warming the flat part of a Hershey’s kiss in a pan, just enough to get it a little melted. Stick it to a Nutter Butter miniature cookie and top off with a butterscotch chip, attached the same way as the Hershey’s Kiss.

S’mores Party Favors // The guests each left with a fun party favor that they could make at home. Graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey’s Mini Chocolates were packed in a clear cello bag and topped off with a custom craft tag. To make them just a little more special, each mini candy bar was wrapped in a personalized candy bar wrapper with the Woodland Creatures baby shower theme.

Woodland Creatures Party Inspiration - Baby Shower Ideas #BigDot #HappyDot

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A Woodland Creatures baby shower is sure to inspire multiple party crafts and food ideas. Which ones are your favorite?


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