Look Who's Barking: City Dog Magazine

We literally barked out loud when we saw our dog party planning tips in City Dog Magazine. You know that type of bark. The first one is a little hesitant, just checking to make sure a real bark should follow. The next one is an all-out bark, a little louder and a little more sure. The third is an actual bark-hop, when your tail wags so fast your rump leaps off the ground. Yup, that kind of bark.
City Dog Magazine Feature: Dog Party Tips #PoochPawty
City Dog Magazine is a quarterly publication for west coast dog lovers. With the latest trends in dog lifestyle and activities for owners and pups, all mixed in with a little dog humor, City Dog Magazine has it all. Their website is the go-to place for the west coast dog community to connect and find local events and a directory of dog friendly venues.

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City Dog Magazine Feature: Dog Party Tips #PoochPawty
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