Fun Birthday Party Ideas Featuring Pretty Pink Nails and Girl Puppy Dog Tails

Puppy Girl Birthday Party Supplies

Hostess Hero Stephanie made her puppy party a barkin’ good time with delicious treats and Puppy Girl themed do-it-yourself party supplies.

The Puppy Girl birthday party theme brought her daughters love of little puppies front and center at her 2nd birthday – And this Hostess Hero had a ton of fun making all of the puppy-themed treats! By adding a Puppy Girl cupcake wrapper to her delicious chocolate cupcakes and using personalized circle-labels to make her color-coordinated treat stands extra-special, she was able to host an absolutely adorable event. Puppy Girl Birthday Party Supplies

From cake pops and truffles decorated with amazing care, to do-it-yourself ideas to make the birthday party memorable, this Puppy Girl birthday party was full of tail-waggin’ ideas.

Hostess Hero Erica was also inspired by Puppy Girl birthday party theme and created this delightful setting for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.Puppy Girl Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

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  1. The pink puppy cake for Camryn’s 2nd birthday, where did you get the cake toppers?…ball, dog house, dog, etc. Can I buy those?

  2. Hi Caroline – The Hostess Hero, Stephanie, told us everything on the cake is edible and she hand-made it all. Amazing!

    The Big Dotters believe those cake toppers were created with fondant or modeling chocolate. We have seen some absolutely adorable cakes created to perfectly compliment our themes. Check out our Facebook page for tons of inspiration!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Vicky! Those puppy cake pops are super cute, aren’t they? Although we’re not sure how this Hostess Hero made these specific cake pops, I bet a local baker would be able to help you! I’d recommend calling around to bakers in your area and trying to find one who could make similar cake pops for you. I’m sure you’ll find something super fun! And when you’re ready to order the rest of your girl puppy party supplies, check out our other decorations using the following link: Happy planning, Vicky! =)

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