Birthday Party Fare: Snack Mix Buffet!

There are few things kids like better than scooping  and pouring. Except maybe eating. You can combine all three of these favorites at your child’s next birthday party by putting out a snack mix buffet and letting the kiddos scoop and mix to their hearts’ content.

Lay out a beautiful display of the birthday boy/girl’s favorite snacks (with a spoon or small cup in each container), give each guest a small bag and let them go! The children will love having the freedom to choose exactly which items (and how much of each) go into their bags as they create their own personalized snack mix!

And, of course, a personalized mix deserves a personalized tag. Be prepared at the end of the buffet line with tags from Big Dot pre-threaded onto twist ties, then simply close up the bag with the twist tie and the kids will be ready to roll. (Alternately, you could punch a hole in the corner of Big Dot’s personalized name tags – do not peel the sticker off its paper! – and thread them on the twist tie…that way the bags can be easily labeled with each child’s name.)

An activity, a party favor and a snack all in one…your small guests will be thrilled!

Need some snack mix inspiration? Try these…


Crackers (Cheddar Bunnies, Gold Fish, etc.)


Popcorn (Plain, caramel, cheese, etc.)

Bagel or Rye chips


Raisins or other dried fruits


Small candies (M&Ms, peanut butter chips, etc.)

Chocolate or Yogurt covered Pretzels, nuts, raisins, etc.Name Tags for Luau Birthday Parties


Posted by Shannon, a Dot-arilla blogger