Christmas Crafts for Kids: Santa’s Reindeer Ornament

While all of the other reindeer are off playing reindeer games, you and your kiddos can be having some fun celebrating Rudolph and Santa Claus.

This fun Christmas craft is great for both adults and kids – and will give you something special to add to your tree year after year.

Begin by printing our Santa and Rudolph Be Merry insert, then collect the rest of the supply list and start crafting!

Click here to download the PDF and then print on your home printer with colored ink.

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Santa's Reindeer Ornament by #HappyDot

The Supply List:
Reindeer Cut-Outs
Brown Paint & Brush
Popsicle Sticks & Glue
Ribbon & Be Merry Insert (or Photo)

STEP 1 | Collect 4 popsicle sticks + one end, about 1” long. Paint all of the sticks brown,
let dry.

STEP 2 | Space out two sticks, about the length of one stick. Glue one stick at the top & a second stick midway.

STEP 3 | Glue the reindeer cut-out at the top right corner and the tail at the top left corner.

STEP 4 | Turn your reindeer over. Glue your Be Merry insert or photo insert at the sides & bottom.

STEP 5 | Thread ribbon at the top of the reindeer and tie with a knot.

Hang from your tree or with your other decorations and enjoy.