Holiday Crafts for Kids: Traditional Paper Chain

A traditional paper chain is an easy holiday craft that everyone can do. Dress yours up with adorable Holly Jolly Penguin shaped cut outs for a festive look. If you want to make it even more memorable, write notes of thanks, holiday wishes or a winter bucket list on the inside of each chain. Then, open together each day leading up to your celebration.

Holiday Crafts for Kids: Traditional Paper Chain by #HappyDot

The Supply List:
Holly Jolly Penguin Cut-Outs
Colored Paper Strips

STEP 1 | As a group, write your favorite family traditions or winter activities, even wishes for the new year, on the inside of each paper strip.

STEP 2 | Begin by rolling on paper strip, end to end, and taping.

STEP 3 | Slide another strip inside, roll end to end, and tape. Continue until you have used all of the strips.

STEP 4 | Attach a penguin character to the front of every other chain. Hang in a fun spot and open throughout the holiday season to view your sweet memories.