Stop the Itch – Winter Care Tips for Your Dogs Skin

Scratch That Itch
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When I think of Winter three words come to mind: Dry Itchy Skin.  I’m sure most of you are aware that those three little words can be a BIG problem during the Winter months, what you may not be aware of is that dogs can suffer from the same condition.  While Winter is the most common reason for dry itchy skin in dogs, there are several other factors such as medical condition, poor diet choices and hygiene that can be contributing factors as well.



With Winter fast approaching here are a few simple tips that will help your dog from suffering with Dry Itchy Skin this season.

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It is important to keep your dog clean, but over bathing them can deplete their fur of essential oils.  When bathing be sure and use an oatmeal or vitamin E based shampoo and always follow with a rinse or conditioner specifically formulated for dogs. After their bath, pat them dry with a towel (never rub as this may irritate their skin more), apply baby or olive oil to their fur and wrap them in a warm towel as this will let the oil penetrate into their fur.





  • Pay close attention to your dogs diet. A diet high in protein and one that contains Omega-3 will ensure your dogs fur is healthy and their skin moist.  Certain grains and fillers found in cheaper brand dog foods can lead to allergies and dry itchy skin.  A meat-based dog food is going to be your best option when selecting dog food.
  • The fatty acids in fish oil  are another easy way to help keep your dogs skin and fur soft and moist.  Apply fish oil directly to your dogs skin, working it through their fur to help moisten their skin and relieve any itching problems.
  • The humidity levels in your home can also contribute to your dogs dry skin problems.  During the winter months as we use the heat in our homes the humidity levels drop.  Adding a humidifier to your home will add additional moisture to the air and also decrease the chance your dog will suffer from dry itchy skin.
  • Lastly a daily brushing will stimulate the natural oils in your dogs fur and keep their skin in good condition.

While I’m sure there are hundreds of solutions out there, following these simple steps will help keep your dogs fur and skin in tip top shape during the dry cold winter months.

By Michelle Thatcher

I am easy going, married and the mother of two adult boys. I love the Green Bay Packers, a good laugh and the change in seasons that the upper mid-west has to offer, although I am quietly dreaming of retiring in the warmth of the south someday. In my spare time you will find me traveling, motorcycling, doing crossword puzzles, or reading a good mystery.