Customer Moments: Welcome Our New CSR


We are so excited to introduce our newest member to our Expert Expert Team! Please welcome Nicole!! She comes from the design department just across the hall. We are so excited to have her join us and bring her brand new ideas!

Here is the scoop on Nicole:

HelloOoOoOoo! Let me fill you in about Me..

I’m 27 years old, I have a 2 year old daughter, Avery, and another little girl on the way (due in January)!  I’ve grown up in this area but have traveled and moved around a bit to figure out where and what I want to be.  My boyfriend and I just bought a fixer upper home and have been very busy making it special.  I love to decorate, craft, bake, collect rocks, take photos, and be with my family.  Some random things most people don’t believe about me is that I REALLY enjoy listening to Tom Jones music, love Disney movies to the point of reciting, could eat pizza every day (or chocolate), would like to meet Goofy, I have a huge crush on the singer Chris Cornell and I love tulips.

I’ve been part of the Big Dot family for years now.  I started off working in the Assembly/production area putting together orders then I went on to the Print Shop to help personalize, print, and cut orders.

Since the beginning of December I have been training in Customer Service.  Woo!  It’s pretty exciting going through all the different areas, learning more, and helping be part of people’s parties in different ways.  I really enjoy coming to work every day, especially knowing everyone I work with personally.  Being able to work in now three departments has made me get to know everyone and have a lot of fun with what I do.

This week I have been starting to take phone calls!  I have been pretty nervous but it’s been exciting!  It’s not as scary being in a customer service position when you do whatever you can to make the customer happy!  It’s actually really rewarding since most people get surprised or don’t believe what we are willing to do.  Hearing the sighs of relief or giggles of excitement and the heartfelt thank you’s–is so gratifying it makes me want to try even harder to go above and beyond more and more!  It’s been exciting and I can’t wait to get more interesting phone calls to help and guide you the best way possible.

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