Video Tutorial: Make Your Own Balloon Banner in a Few Simple Steps!

Easy Balloon Party Ideas

Balloons are such an easy way to add festivity and color to any party space, and Craft Expert Zach has used his crafting magic to bring you a new and fun DIY project: a balloon banner! Perfect for use with birthday party balloons, bridal shower balloons or baby shower balloons, this trendy banner will add instant flair to your party space. And since balloons are available in all types of colors and styles, from solid-colored, 11” latex balloons to super-shaped Mylar balloons that feature all sorts of color combinations, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. In this entertaining how-to-video, you’ll learn how to make a bold, decorative balloon banner by using only 48 latex balloons, a needle and thread. (You don’t even need any helium!) With Zach’s easy how-to-steps, you’ll be able to decorate your next event with a colorful balloon banner that matches your baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower or baptism theme perfectly!

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