Tutorial: Tulle Ball Party Decorations

With their fluffy, whimsical appearance and endless display options, tulle ball party decorations are a fun way for DIY party planners to add color and flair to their party space. And since tulle is available in a variety of colors, this do it yourself party decorating idea can be easily made to coordinate with your unique baby shower or birthday party theme. A few spools of colorful tulle, some cardboard, a scissors and string is all you need to create your own tulle pom poms balls – and add instant style to your celebration. Read on to learn how to make your own tulle balls!

Download your free printable: How To Make a Tulle Ball.

Instructions for making a tulle ball pom pom

Supply List:

  • Tulle in coordinating colors
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • String

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. For a 6” tulle ball, cut a piece of tulle that’s about 10 arm lengths long.
  2. Create your cardboard templates by cutting two circles out of cardboard. Your tulle ball will be the size of your cardboard circle, so the larger you’d like your tulle ball to me, the larger your cardboard circle should be. Cut a hole in the center of each cardboard circle.
  3. Holding both cardboard templates together, thread one end of the tulle through the center of both pieces.
  4. Keeping the tulle end firmly in place, continue wrapping the rest of the tulle through the center hole and around until the two templates are covered.
  5. Trim the two tulle ends so they’re the same length as the cardboard templates.
  6. Following the edge, cut the tulle all the way around the cardboard templates.
  7. Your tulle ball will look like the above photo.
  8. Separate the two cardboard templates and tie your tulle ball tightly in the middle with string.
  9. Slide off your cardboard templates, fluff your tulle ball, and start decorating!

Once your cardboard templates are made, it’s easy to create multiple tulle balls in the exact same size. And since the cardboard templates keep the tulle firmly in place every step of the way, you can pause in your tulle ball creation at any time to deal with interruptions – how handy! Experiment with different cardboard templates to make pom pom garlands and tulle decorations in various colors and sizes, and don’t forget about Big Dot of Happiness’ colored honeycomb balls. With a little imagination, you can add variety to candy buffets, gift tables, and more!

Tulle Pom Pom Balls


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  1. Hello. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering how wide the tulle was that you used?

    1. Hi Shelly- This was 6″ tulle, the rolls that you can find in the craft section of your local big box store. Thanks for looking – Please share your party and tulle balls on our Facebook wall – we love being inspired by everyone’s creativity.

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