Terrible Chews: Teething

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One of the biggest challenges when raising a puppy is dealing with all of the chewing they do in the teething stage. You may think it’s hard but consider your puppy’s perspective! For almost a year of our lives, we are dealing with major changes inside of our mouths! First, the baby teeth come in when we are only 8 weeks old, then those teeth fall out and we get even more teeth than before. It’s tough, but we have to deal with it somehow. That is why I chew.


So when do puppies lose their teeth? Yes, we do loose our teeth just like your human kids and go through a teething stage. Beginning at about 3 months of age, your puppy will start losing their teeth. By 7 months, your puppy should have all of their adult teeth. In this time, there is a lot going on their mouth and we need you to keep an eye on things. You need to make sure the teeth coming in normally. Ensure that the baby teeth are falling out to make way for the adult teeth, make sure two teeth are not crowded into a space, and check that there is no food stuck in their teeth. All of these could cause major dental problems.

Another question: where do the baby teeth go? Honestly, I don’t know. They fall out anywhere and anytime. The lost teeth will end up being swallowed, lost and wedged in toys. There’s no telling where you will find a tiny puppy tooth, but don’t worry they are harmless.ChewChewChew

Through this teething process you will see LOTS of chewing. It hurts! Puppies love to chew to soothe the pain and this should be encouraged but make sure that you have the proper chewing devices. During teething, your puppy may target all kinds of unexpected objects to gnaw on to relieve the discomfort. Keep household items out of reach and don’t give them anything that can damage their teeth. I would recommend durable chew toys and plenty of them. Or ICE CUBES! I love ice cubes. They are fun to play with and they feel so good on my sore gums.

As for dental hygiene, you do not need to brush your puppy’s teeth while they are under two years old, especially during the change from puppy to adult teeth. Your puppy’s gums are too soft and this can cause bleeding. So don’t push the brushing just yet!