A Kitten for Christmas

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Hey there, puppy lovers – I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your Moms and Dads. In the spirit of the season, I had planned on putting my snarkey contempt aside to tell you about all the new toys Mom got me. But it seemed like there are more important things at paw since we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite cranky companions, Orphan, over our holiday vacation.

A Kitten for Christmas #PoochPawty #CatParty

Fourteen years ago, Great Grandma said goodbye to Sammy and Jasper, two brothers that came into her home 18 years prior. That very day, she said she would have no. more. cats. Then Orphan showed up.

A barn cat with extra toes, a shiny coat and a heart full of love for only her Mom, Orphan bit every hand except the one that fed her. Great Grandma and Orphan had a special relationship; Gram being 93-years-old and Orphan, the cat that listened to her like a dog, they spent their days together puttering around the house and the yard. Gram lovingly called her “creature” as she looked around the house when Orphan wasn’t in her usual napping spot. “Creature, where are you?” Orphan knew the rules: If you sit on my lap, the claws do not come out. You go to your bed in the basement if you are cranky. And, you can go outside but you always come home at night.

After a few rough nights with a sick kitty, Gram knew it was time to say goodbye. Again, Great Grandma said she would have no more cats. But just one day later, she was going to look for one – or maybe two. Today the search begins for her new Christmas Kitten and I can’t wait to meet a new friend(s).

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AND, we all love to hear about your furbaby – tell us below in the comments how a special 4-legged friend has touched your heart.