RING in the New Year

Picture this:   A cozy living room scene complete with roaring fireplace, a handsome hero gazing lovingly into his sweetheart’s eyes as he surprises her with an enormous engagement ring, the music swells and she breathlessly whispers “I do”.  Could it be a TV commercial for a jewelry store?  Perhaps.  But I wager that this very scene was played out in the lives of many of our SimplyWeddingStuff.com customers’ during this past holiday season.  I guess one could call it a case of life imitating art.   If you are one of these lucky brides-to-be, may I first offer our congratulations to you from everyone at Big Dot of Happiness – what a whirlwind year you have ahead of you!!  By now, your head is probably spinning with the hundreds of details that must be addressed between now and your big day.  Wedding colors, dresses, bands, food, invitations…why it’s exhausting just thinking about all of the things you have to think about.  That’s why we are so happy that you have found our website, Facebook page and blog.  You see, our staff of bridal shower and wedding experts are fond of digging up the newest trends and passing them on to you.  We will also pass along the great pictures and tips that our customers will so generously share with us from time to time.    So hang on for the ride of your life…together we can make 2011 a year like no other.

Posted by an Expert Expert