Make It, Quick!: Spruced Up Vases for Centerpieces

This quick tip is one to file away in your brain for any time you find yourself in need of “a little something” to dress up your table for your next baby shower, bridal shower or birthday —and it would make for beautiful, and easy centerpieces for any shower or party. Simply dress your old vases up with a few sheets of paper and some ribbon, and you can quickly breathe new life into otherwise ordinary flower arrangements!

The best part is, this look can be achieved with materials you already have on hand. I’ve used rice paper and fabric ribbon in my sample above, but you could get a great look with tissue paper, fabric, tulle, curling ribbon, twine—really the limit is your own imagination!

Once you’ve gathered your materials (a vase, some paper, a length of ribbon, and of course: some flowers), lay out your paper, using as many colors and layers as you desire, flat on your workspace. Then, set your water- and flower-filled vase in the center of your paper, pull the corners and edges of the paper up around the vase, and tie a ribbon around the paper at the neck of the vase. Now simply adjust your flowers and the edges of the paper until you’re happy with the arrangement.

This is such a simple technique, yet it delivers such beautiful results—you may find yourself digging out more and more containers to cover. In fact, this would be a perfect way to easily coordinate mismatched vases—just cover them with complementary colors, and you can quickly decorate an entire room!