Holiday Candy Buffet Ideas: Shimmering Blues and Vivid Black

Style a winter wonderland candy buffet in shimmering blues and vivid black with inspiration from our Be Merry party decorations. Mixing iridescent blue and silver candies with jet black and stark white, this wintery buffet table gave guest an inviting display as they arrived.

Holiday Candy Buffet Ideas: Blue and Black Color Scheme #BigDot #HappyDot

The backdrop began with white, glitter snowflakes – 3 for $1 – such a deal. Plus, they looked magnificent. The different shapes and sizes were the perfect way to begin our holiday candy buffet.

Holiday Candy Buffet Ideas: Blue and Black Color Scheme #BigDot #HappyDot

Next came all of the DIY party decorations in the Be Merry theme.

IDEA 1 | Shaped cut-outs glued to toothpicks make ideal cupcake toppers when they are paired with a winter snowflake cupcake wrap.

IDEA 2 | Make the perfect party favor with a pyramid-shaped favor box filled with yummy treats. Let guests fill their own or pre-pack right before the party. (Just be sure to leave enough candy for an impressive display.)

IDEA 3 | Similar to the toothpick cupcake toppers but much larger and grander, personalized extra large table confetti glued to kabob sticks will make a great cake topper or buffet table accent.

IDEA 4 | Mix and match your candy sizes for a great display. Keep it the same color per container so it doesn’t get too busy but play with the sizes until you get exactly the right look.

IDEA 5 | The sky is the limit with DIY favor wrappers! Wrap them around cylinders filled with candies, around large chocolate bars or even drink containers.

This holiday candy buffet was completed with chalkboard accents and white serving trays stacked with goodies. Find your own party inspiration with these holiday candy buffet tips and you are going to have a fab event!

Holiday Candy Buffet Ideas: Blue and Black Color Scheme #BigDot #HappyDot