Froggy Birthday Party

 Looking for a fun party theme for a Springtime birthday party? Check out our Froggy Frog theme. You can purchase all kinds of fun themed items like balloons and personalized banners. Here are a few ideas to continue the theme:

  • For an easy snack make Frog on a Log. This twist on the peanut butter and celery classic will be super-cute and tasty when you substitute green M & M’s or golden raisins for the classic raisin “ants”.
  • To decorate, use green and blue tablecloths and green streamers. And don’t forget about Big Dot’s Froggy Frog tableware.
  • For the cake, add green or blue food coloring to vanilla frosting and decorate it with white faux flowers: instant lily-pad!
  • Different games you can play include Leap Frog and hopping races. Want a fun twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Blow up a picture of a frog sticking out its tongue and play Pin the Fly on the Frog, trying to get the fly on the tip of the frog’s tongue, like he’s catching it.
  • Serve limeade instead of lemonade, or add green food coloring to apple juice or milk.
  • If you want to show a movie, pick something like “Kermit: The Swamp Years” or “The Princess & The Frog”.
  • To make goody bags, fill our white organza bags with treats such as green M & M’s, Andes candies, or any other green treat. Glue or tape the bag to a green paper plate for another lily-pad surprise.

The possibilities are virtually endless! Big Dot of Happiness has many different customizable items, including personalized stickers and candy bar wrappers, perfect for goody bags. You could even buy some face paint at a craft store and turn your guests into frogs. With these ideas, a Froggy Frog birthday party is destined to be a fun time for everyone. Now hop to it!

Posted by Jillian, a Dot-arilla Blogger


  1. My aunt and I were throwing my cousin his 1st birthday party…My aunt couldnt afford to buy all the actual supplies so we had my dad make a GIANT frog out of plywood and stick it up and we made invitations ourself and decorated the party room with yellow and green plates and was amazing(:

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