Make It: Festive Candleholders

For all of its history and sentiment, Thanksgiving is truly a holiday that revolves around the dinner table. Naturally, since your table will be the center of your guests’ attention, you want to create a pleasant atmosphere, but with all the work you have to do in preparation for your meal, decorating can easily fall way down on the priority list. Not to worry! Creating a beautiful Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be a complex affair. You can create these wonderfully simple candleholders in just a few minutes, using materials you probably already have around the house. Grouped on a table with some seasonal flowers or gourds, these charming candles will allow you to easily create a beautiful look while conveying the sentiments of the season. And if you’re preparing a more formal table, these candles can serve as cheerful place cards.

The warm, festive look of these candleholders is achieved by simply fixing strips of paper, on which you’ve printed seasonal words or phrases, around clear glass containers. Begin by collecting the containers you’ll be using—empty jars work well, as would small drinking glasses, vases, or clear votive holders. (Because you’ll be wrapping paper around the container, it is wise to choose containers with straight sides rather than tapered.)

Measure and cut a strip of paper (simple printer paper works perfectly) long enough to wrap around your container at your desired width. Using a thin-line marker, write your favorite seasonal words or phrases in the center of the strip of paper. [Alternately, if you’re not confident in your handwriting, you could print the words on your paper using a computer word program, prior to cutting your strips.]

Using  tape or glue (these glue dots work well), fasten the strip of paper around your container. You can add a bit more interest to your candleholder with a ribbon, some twine, or other small decorative elements. Finally, place a tea light candle in the bottom of your container and you’re done! (If you’re planning to use your candleholders as place markers, or if you’ve used very short containers, I recommend using tea lights with clear plastic cases rather than metal so the candle creates less of a shadow on your paper.)

Now, all that’s left to do is arrange your beautiful candleholders on your table, sit back and let the warmth of the season wash over you! Um…and prepare your meal, of course.


Posted by Shannon, a Dot-arilla Blogger

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