Family Reunion – Family Gathering Made Simpler

Family Tree Reunion - Family Gathering Party

It’s that time of year again! The famous Family Reunion – Family Gathering! When you prepare yourself for family members who tell funny or embarrassing stories, or ask a lot of questions, and some may even pinch your checks. Make this family reunion different, one to remember.



We know gathering the extended family together isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But when you finally do, it deserves a huge celebration, and you then deserve to be known as a Party-Throwing Hero!


Family Reunion Favors, Decorations & More!

Instead of running around from store to store trying to put together the perfect party, checks out our original Family Tree Reunion theme. This delightful family reunion theme is your one-stop shop for all your party needs without ever leaving the house. With fast shipping, you can easily check off party decorations from your to-do list.


Tie in your food menu with DIY wrappers and labels. Dress up your cupcakes in Family Tree Reunion theme cupcake wrappers, or add Hershey circle stickers for a little touch of sweetness. Place in bowls on the dessert buffet tables or in favor boxes to send home with families.

Family Tree Reunion Party Favors

Family Reunion Party Decorations

Brighten up your Family Gathering Party when you decorate with the Family Tree Reunion Vertical Photo Garland. This incredible DIY decoration kit easily displays 4 x 6 photos of your family and is a perfect way to set the tone of the event. Add up to 20 photos and look back fondly on family milestones and events.

Create an iconic look at your Family Gathering Party with the Family Tree Reunion Terrific Table Centerpiece Kit. Perfect for small get-togethers and large banquets, the Family Tree Reunion centerpiece kit will look great on party guests’ tables, dessert tables, and buffet tables.

The starburst top of the fold and flare centerpiece will certainly draw attention, and the confetti will create a dynamic look with its variety of sizes. Take your table decorating to the next level when you use the Family Tree Reunion Terrific Table Centerpiece Kit at your celebration.


Family Reunion Games, Photo Booth, and Activities

Keep the whole family entertained with the Family Tree Reunion theme party activities. With so many activities and games to choose from, you can be sure the youngest and the oldest are entertained. 

As your family starts to arrive, let them wonder and participate in fun activities. Add candies to a jar and add their guess to the How Many Candies Family Gathering Party Game. Enjoy taking silly family photos with Family Tree Reunion photo booth prop kits, mug shots, and photo booth frames


After family pictures, or while you’re waiting, send the kids off on a selfie scavenger hunt, and the adults can enjoy a round of “Drink if...” game. 

While the adults are being entertained, the kids will be running around playing the selfie scavenger hunt. Allow the younger kids to pair up or create teams (if you have a big family), then take a selfie while…. doing the different challenges on the card.

End the evening with 4 Family Gathering Party Game which includes 4 family fun activities that will bring your family closer together. Try the family trivia to uncover family facts you may not know, or create a family tree to teach your legacy to the younger generation. 

No matter how big or small your family is, this nature-inspired Family Tree Reunion theme will be perfect for your next family gathering!