Dog Party Ideas: Puppy Pawty Games

Entertainment: Puppy Pawty Game Ideas #puppypartygames #poochpawty

Puppy Party Ideas: Puppy Pawty Games #poochpawty #puppypartygames

What’s a pawty without games? Pet-centric party games are a good way to break the ice, and get the pooches and humans mingling with each other at your puppy shower or bruffday party.

Puppy Pawty Game Ideas:

Give a Dog a Bone and Spoon Race

Show off how well you and your pooch work together by having a give a dog a bone and spoon race at the party. Here’s how to play: Start by giving each dog/human pair a spoon and doggy treat. Place the treat on the spoon and hold the spoon in the same hand as the leash. Then the dog/human pairs will race each other to the finish line. Dropped treats will need to be picked up and put back on spoons without your pooch eating them first. The first dog/human pair to the finish line wins!

Hint: To add an extra spin on the race create some obstacles like small hurdles or barrels for the dog/human pair to jump or go around.

Give A Dog A Bone And Spoon Race #PoochPawty #DogGames

New Tricks Talent Show

Want to show off your dog’s pawsome tricks? Have each dog/human pair at the party show-off their best doggy trick for the chance to win bragging rights for having the most talented pooch.

New Tricks Dog Talent Show Games #PoochPawty #DogGames

Lucky Dog Musical Chairs

Count the number of pups at the party and minus one; put that number of chairs in a line. When the music starts, participants will begin walking their leashed dogs around the line of chairs. When the music stops, players will coax their dogs to jump up and sit on one of the chairs – no picking up your pup. The last person with a dog still standing is out. Remove one chair and continue until only one pair is left sitting. The last one sitting is the winner!

Hint: No need to stress over creating a playlist for musical chairs, we have already created one for you. Play our puppy pawty playlist or download a printable version.

Lucky Dot Musical Chairs Dog Party Games #DogPartyGames #PoochPawty

Hot Diggity Dog Look-Alike Contest

Hot Doggity Dog Look Alike Contest #DogGames #PoochPawty

Play by voting on which dog/human pair looks the most alike. The dog/human pair with the most votes wins!

Get your pawty started with games and have a barking-good time.

We have created a printable copy of our favorite dog party games to help make your pawty planning a piece of cake.

Click here to download a printable game list.

Puppy Party Game Printable


  1. What great ideas for fun with your pup. You’ll be a natural for K9 Kamp and our hide & seek challenge! Thanks for joining FitDog Friday.

    1. Thank you for having us! We love getting all the ideas for keeping us and our humans in tip top shape – all while having some fun doing so!

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