Do It Yourself Dog Party Favors: Shaped Cut Outs

Do It Youself Dog Party Favors: Shaped Cut Outs #PoochPawty

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You don’t want your dog party to be a barking bore with the same dog party supplies you can find everywhere BUT you also don’t want to spend your entire weekend crafting – That’s precious dog park time and we know you will never give that up!

Creating a pawsome dog party doesn’t have to be a ton of work and now it has gotten even easier. These shaped cut outs will help you create all the do it yourself party favors you can imagine!
Do It Youself Dog Party Favors: Shaped Cut Outs #PoochPawty

Shaped paper cut outs come in three designs, 12 large puppy cut outs, 6 medium paw cut outs and 6 medium bone cut outs, all perfectly coordinated with the Puppy Girl dog party theme.

Party Craft ONE // Punch two holes in the center of a bone-shaped cut out. Thread with ribbon and tie around a doggie treat bag for a fun party favor.

Party Craft TWO // Cut a length of thin ribbon and attach a gold brad to the center. Punch two holes just beneath the puppy’s chin and thread the ribbon though so the brad is in the middle-front, like a dog tag. Tie around a rawhide or bone treat.

Party Craft THREE // Attach any of the paper cut outs to a toothpick and insert into your cupcake treats – both puppy cakes or human cupcakes.

Party Craft FOUR // Wrap your party utensils in a fun napkin and tie off with a ribbon that has been threaded through a hole in one of the paper cut outs for a super fun napkin ring!

**All holes were punched with a small, 1/8 inch hole punch, like this one.

Do It Youself Dog Party Favors: Shaped Cut Outs #PoochPawty

Want to make your own pawsome dog party favors? Click here to order your paper cut out kit! (pssst – they are also great for scrapbooking!)


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