{Perfect Party} Daddy BABY-Q Party Color Trends

Give Daddy-To-Be a barbecue man shower that is YOU-niquely him with these Daddy BABY-Q party color trends. You can easily plan the party menu – brats, burgers and craft brews will be enjoyed for sure. Then add a few salty snacks like popcorn and pretzels, and easy-to-eat cupcake treats. Top it all off with the perfect man shower party theme and some “DAD-vice Cards” for seasoned dads to offer up their best advice, and you will create a memorable man shower for Daddy-To-Be.

Daddy BABY-Q Party Trends: Man Shower Decoration Ideas #BIGDOT #HappyDot

1. Chevron Gray Plates // Gray Chevron plates and napkins will create the perfect backdrop for all of your themed party decorations. The bright blues and reds will pop off the table when you use this neutral tableware to anchor all of your barbecue placesettings.

2. Navy Blue & White Balloons // Balloons are an easy and economical way to decorate your party space. Style your man shower with navy blue and white to make the party pop!

3. Sunglasses Bottle Toppers // Party guests love to be surprised with unique party decorations, special treats or over-the-top party crafts. Sunglasses bottle toppers will fit beer, soda or water bottles so you can go above and beyond to create an impressive man shower beverage bar.

4. Red Utensils // Finish off table placesettigs with red utensils to pull the entire man shower party theme together. The reds pop off the table when they are paired with the Gray Chevron partyware.

Our Daddy BABY-Q party theme has the perfect red picnic pattern for any backyard barbecue. BUT if you want to style an extra-special event for Dad, you can use our Concierge Design Service to change the theme to his favorite team colors. Make the red a bright orange, or change Daddy’s shirt from blue to green. Then switch out the red and blue party basics with the team colors to pull the whole event together. Whichever team is Daddy-To-Be’s favorite, we can make this man shower theme represent! Best of all, our concierge design service is free! Learn about it here >

Daddy BABY-Q Party Trends: Man Shower Decoration Ideas #BIGDOT #HappyDot

Daddy BABY-Q man shower theme is available with three different daddy’s but you can also use our Concierge Design Service to change the hair and skin tone to perfectly match your guest of honor.

With our themed man shower party supplies and free design service, you are going to have an great grillin’ and chillin’ celebration!

Daddy BABY-Q Party Trends: Man Shower Decoration Ideas #BIGDOT #HappyDot

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