Customer Moments: A Girly Spring Baby Shower


We had the sweetest Great Grandma-to-be call today! She had just found out today that her Granddaughter was expecting a new baby girl. She was so excited to have the fifth generation of women in her family! I think she was a little ahead of herself, as she was already planning the shower in April!

We started discussing details of her shower: who would be there, what they would serve, and where it would be. She told me they have a beautiful outdoor venue in their town where she wanted to host the shower. It sounded gorgeous! It was a park with wild flowers everywhere and a nice event space in the center of it all. She was looking for a theme for the party and instantly, I saw our adorable Playful Butterfly and Flowers theme fitting this event perfectly! She loved it! “It’s girly, springy, and just do darn cute!” she said.

Since nothing was actually set yet, she reluctantly had to hold off on any ordering, but she was so excited that she had the theme planning done. She could now present her idea to the family and hopefully impress them with her eager party planning skills. : )

We are always here to help! If you just need some advice, have questions or have no clue to start, please give us a call. We really are the Expert Experts of party planning.Playful Butterfly And Flowers Baby Shower Theme #BigDot #HappyDotPlayful Butterfly And Flowers Birthday Party Theme #BigDot #HappyDot

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