Celebrating the Husband-To-Be

Here at BigDotOfHappiness.com, we love celebration. We live and breathe celebration. We are celebration. And celebration is all about creating remarkable smiles.

One of our Big Dot Super Heroes received a proper send-off as he left for a vacation to marry his favorite lady, Anna. We celebrated this fantastic couple with a bright cake and cheery cupcakes. Balloons and streamers filled the space and we all enjoyed some punch while Erik was in the hot seat trying to guess the answers Anna previously gave us to a list of funny questions.

At the end, Scott, the Big Dot CEO, gave a toast and a few words of advice to the happy couple. A great big happily ever after to Erik & Anna!

Celebrating Happiness - BigDotOfHappiness.com Man Shower


  1. I love that banner! But I don’t see it as an option on your site. Where did you have that made?


    1. Hi Melissa! This banner was actually created especially for one of our Big Dotters, but we would be happy to make something similar for you! Please contact our Expert Experts for more information. You can call 1-800-274-4282 or email [email protected].

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