With a Fun Flower and a Tail Curl – Celebrate With Monkey Girl

Cute, smiley and full of curiosity, Monkey Girl baby shower theme and Monkey Girl birthday party theme are the perfect choice to celebrate your little sweetie. The complete line of tableware puts BigDotOfHappiness.com’s original monkey girl character front and center, ready to help you become a Hostess Hero at your next event. The delightful centerpiece adds another layer to your tables and has the added bonus of doubling as a party favor or prize when you fill the inside with candy or other fun treats.

Monkey Girl Baby Shower Theme #BigDot #HappyDot

Help Monkey Girl capture the hearts of all your guests by bringing this delightful monkey character to life with “Mocha-ette,” the little plush girl monkey rattle or “Cocoa-ette,” the large plush girl monkey rattle. Then start some serious fun when you easily create a buffet table with monkey-themed food. Offer your guests banana bread slices cut in the shape of a leaf, monkey bread (recipe here), banana smoothies, regular or circus peanuts, and banana splits for dessert. This is a birthday party or baby shower theme that is sure to get your guests swinging from the treetops.

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