Where Do I Find a Dog Cake?

Dog Cake Ideas: Where to get a Dog Cake #PoochPawty

Dog Cake Ideas: Where to get a Dog Cake #PoochPawtyWhere do I find a dog cake? This is a question we have heard numerous times and there are many great options to fit your time and budget. From fancy treats to feed the whole pack to single cupcakes for one special pup, here are a few ideas of where to start when you are looking for a dog birthday cake or a puppy shower cake.

1. Order It & Ship It
If you have it in your dog party budget and if you have the time to wait for it to arrive, there are numerous online options for ordering a puppy cake. Etsy or Dog Cakes for Dogs are great sources. Dog Cakes for Dogs offers cakes for all dog party occasions. They have custom dog cakes that look like your pup which are perfect for dog birthday parties or puppy showers. They also have Bark Mitzvah cakes and pupcakes. Too fun! Of course, there are other options for online ordering but Dog Cakes for Dogs had a great variety.

2. Order It & Pick It Up
Finding a local bakery that will make a dog cake isn’t an option for everyone. If you are lucky enough to have one nearby, you will be able to work directly with the baker to create a custom cake, with choices of flavor, decoration and shape. Three Dog Bakery is a popular chain and you might but be lucky enough to have one by you! Go to the bottom of the page and search your state to see if there is a local bakery.

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3. Make It Yourself – From Scratch!
This may seem like a huge task at first but making your own dog cake is actually quite easy. There are numerous recipes online and you can even use a fun bone-shaped baking pan to bake it in. You can even make pupcakes for individual treats. There are a lot of dog cupcake recipes as well but we found this one and simply couldn’t resist the adorable pup being celebrated. Check out Calvin and his Easy Peanut Butter Cupcakes for Dogs.

4. Make It Yourself – From a Mix, shhhh…
Your last option is to make a yummy dog cake from a box mix. These work just like a people cake mix with similar ingredients, minus the sugar. They are super easy and can be made into a cake or cupcakes – we won’t tell it came from a mix!

After you have decided on the right dog cake for you, it is time to make sure your puppy knows just how to eat it!

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