Turn paper napkins into bow ties for little man or mustache parties!

DIY paper bow ties are such an adorable way to accent centerpieces, favors and even place settings at little man or mustache parties – and they are so easy to make! All you need are a few standard paper napkins and string, and the following tutorial will show you just what to do. Gather your supplies, start folding… and brace yourself for a super cute little man party decoration that everyone will love!

How to make a paper napkin bow tie:How to Make a Paper Bow Tie

Step 1. Lay a single paper napkin flat, then fold the top and bottom pieces toward the middle.

Step 2. Repeat step 1, using the top and bottom pieces of the folded napkin.

Step 3. Fold the right and left sides of the napkin toward the center in a standard tri-fold.

Step 4. Fold down the two corners of the top piece (this will prevent the ends from awkwardly sticking out when your bow tie is complete).

Step 5. Flip your folded napkin so the two corners you just folded down are on the bottom side, and pinch the center.

Step 6. Wrap a few inches of pretty twine, string or ribbon around the center to create your paper bow tie!

Adhere your homemade bow ties to centerpieces, favors and more for a customized display that your guests will adore:

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