Baby Shower Fare: Pineapple Chicken Pasta Salad

This yummy Pineapple Chicken Salad is a welcome twist on the more standard salads typically served at baby showers. It’s chock-full of delicious fruits, which pair nicely with the savory chicken and pasta, giving this salad a refreshingly sweet flavor your guests will certainly appreciate. Pineapple Chicken Pasta Salad As with most pasta salad recipes,… Continue reading Baby Shower Fare: Pineapple Chicken Pasta Salad

Make It: Apple Cinnamon Ornaments

Are you hosting a shower this holiday season? Wishing you had a perfect, memorable, seasonal favor to give to your guests? Look no further, I’ve got your answer here! These apple-cinnamon scented ornaments are beautiful, functional, and simple—your guests are sure to love them! Apple Cinnamon Ornaments These ornaments are extremely easy to make, but… Continue reading Make It: Apple Cinnamon Ornaments

Lighter Fare at Thanksgiving

My family is a traditional Midwestern Wisconsin family. Most of our meals include meat, potatoes and a vegetable. Our Thanksgiving meal is what you may find typical: turkey, potatoes, homemade gravy, cranberries, corn, and pumpkin bars. Although all of this food is absolutely delicious, about five years ago, my mom decided to offer a lighter… Continue reading Lighter Fare at Thanksgiving

Good (Thanksgiving!) Cooking: Sweet Potato Casserole

We are all familiar with the standard marshmallow-topped sweet potato concoction that makes an appearance on many Thanksgiving tables each year, right?  Well, let me assure you: this is not that. This is a sweet potato recipe that will move this beautifully orange, under-rated (healthy!) vegetable from the edge of your plate to the very… Continue reading Good (Thanksgiving!) Cooking: Sweet Potato Casserole

Good Cooking: Banana Bread

For whatever reason, lately we’ve had an influx of over-ripe bananas at our house. For us, this is a happy problem because we all LOVE banana bread—and there is no better banana than an over-ripe banana if you’re going to make banana bread. I’ve tried many banana bread recipes throughout the years—and there are a… Continue reading Good Cooking: Banana Bread