Perfect for a Snow Day: Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Fun Kids Winter ActivitiesPerfect for a snow day, these five outdoor activities for kids have been personally tested by future Big Dot team members and deemed fun! After all, shoveling only takes so long (and those tiny shovels can only do so much). Just make sure you have hot cocoa fixings on hand when everyone is ready to come inside.

Build a snow family. Traditional snowmen have been built hundreds of times, but have your kids tried to build a group of snowmen that resembles your own family members? Encourage your children to use props – Dad’s worn-out slippers, Mom’s old robe, big brother’s pair of too-small sneakers – to make their snow family even more lifelike. Even a snowdog or snowcat can join the bunch!

Decorate snow angels with food coloring. Snow angels are a classic outdoor activity, but the fun usually stops when the angel impression is complete. Instead, arm your kids with small containers of food coloring and droppers, and encourage them to decorate their snow angels with color!

Build a snow city. Great for groups of slightly older children, this idea puts the traditional snow fort to shame. Encourage kids to map out their city first, planning for roads, stores, and homes. Then send them outside to bring their vision to life in the backyard! When their snow city is complete, homemade street signs and other props can be incorporated.

Hunt for animal tracks. Take the kids on a hike through local parks or woods and encourage them to find as many different animal tracks as possible! Use your phone or camera to snap photos of different tracks and when the hike is over, look up each track to see if the animal who left it can be identified. The kids will get exercise and learn at the same time!

Make ice bubbles. If it’s below 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside, then the same solution you use in the summer to blow bubbles can be used to make ice bubbles! Start by blowing a bubble just as you would in warmer weather, then catch it on the wand. Wait a few moments and watch it freeze and crystallize before breaking a few minutes later. Use food coloring to make colored ice bubbles, or see who can make the biggest ice bubble!

What is your favorite snow day activity for kids?