Prom: A Night to Remember

Glamorous Prom Party Decorations

Prom - A Night To Remember

Make prom a night to remember with these glamorous black, white and gold prom party decorations. Capture memorable moments throughout the day as you dance the night away, celebrating with your friends.

Have you asked your date to prom yet? NO! What are you waiting for?!? Ask them with a giant PROM? yard sign. Once they see it they will have to say “yes!” Start capturing the moment with a pre-prom party and photo shoot.

Prom Promposal Yard Signs

Once you have your date, a new glamours outfit, and all the necessary accessories, it’s time to decorate for the dance floor.

Shaped cutouts are a must-have prom party essential decoration, they’re so versatile. Use them throughout scattered on tables, added to toothpicks and display with the food display, or hole punch the shaped cutouts, add a string and hang around the dance floor.

Prom Party Decorations

Have a section of the school dance for a fun photo booth area. Capture fun moments that will last a lifetime, using the prom funny 10 piece or the 20 piece photo booth prop kits.

Prom Favor Boxes

If they’re not here for the dancing and photos, it must be for the food! Have the candy and snack buffet as glamorous as the dance floor. Use popcorn boxes or mini candy favor boxes for the must-have sweet or salty snacks. Also, use them as a thank you gift as they head out for the after-prom party.

Next, take your prom beverages to the next level with these fun Prom straw decor kit. Simply attach the prom shaped cutout to the straws with the included clear stickers and place next to the beverages displayed in a mason jar or frappuccino bottle. Creating a stylish drink or place into cupcakes for an extra special touch!

Bonus tip: Add fresh berries to your ginger-ale

Prom Straw Decor

These glamorous and fun prom party decoration will make your prom night one to remember as you dance the night away!

Enjoy your prom!

Prom After Party Ideas

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