Octopus Dip Recipe: A Fun & Healthy Birthday Party Treat!

Birthday Party Recipe

Creatively display this Octopus Dip and guests will think they’re “sea-ing” things! Made using two bright orange bell peppers, some vegetable dip and two candy eyes, this “Octopus Dip” is the perfect addition to an Under the Sea Critters birthday party – and it’s so simple that even the busiest Hostess Hero will have fun preparing it! Providing individual containers of sliced veggies in plastic cups decorated with BigDotofHappiness.com’s Under the Sea Critters birthday party cupcake wrappers make this a truly kid-friendly snack that will look great on your party table.Birthday Party Recipe

You’ll need:          

  • Two Orange Bell Peppers
  • Vegetable Dip
  • Candy Eyes or Sliced Black Olives


Start with two clean orange peppers. To make your octopus “body,” slice the first pepper in half and remove the stem, white ribs and seeds. To make your octopus “legs,” slice the second pepper into strips. Cut the strips all the way to the stem of the pepper to achieve a claw-like “curl” – this will add a more realistic look to your octopus legs in the final display.

Spoon some vegetable dip (homemade or store-bought) into a shallow bowl. Set your octopus “body” in the middle, sinking it just a bit. Place four strips from the second pepper on each side of the body. The more haphazardly these “legs” are displayed, the more real your octopus will look.

Use a dab of your vegetable dip to adhere two candy eyes, or two black olive slices, to your octopus for “eyes.” Remember to place the eyes near the dip – your octopus should look like he’s “peeking” over the edge of the “water.”

Serve your Octopus Dip with extra sliced veggies, like carrots and celery, already separated into individual containers for a truly kid-friendly touch. I used short plastic cups decorated with Under the Sea Critters birthday party cupcake wrappers from BigDotofHappiness.com. The cupcake wrappers fit perfectly around the cups and the theme’s orange octopus coordinates perfectly with the orange pepper.

What a fun and simple way to incorporate the party theme into your food!

It’s a snap to wrap up your party theme with Big Dot of Happiness cupcake wrappers! Watch our video and find out how.