NEW Graduation Party Themes!

Honor your graduate and all of his or her accomplishments with a grad party theme that perfectly represents them and their future. These four graduation themes are designed with numerous coordinating components so you can style the perfect party!

Keys to Success: The scholarly design of plaid, woodgrain and kraft paper make this theme ideal for any studious graduate who is on the fast track to success.

Keys to Success - Graduation Party Theme from BigDotOfHappiness.comDream Big: This pink and gold graduation theme is for the graduate who has no limits on what they intend to accomplish. They are going to dream big and you know they will achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Dream Big - Graduation Party Theme from BigDotOfHappiness.comBright Future: This fun graduation party theme is perfect for the free spirit who is on their way to doing great things. Whether they are headed across town or across the world, their future is bright and they better remember their shades.

Bright Future - Graduation Party Theme from BigDotOfHappiness.comAll-Star Grad: Your graduate was the star of the team and is now moving on to be an all-star in the next chapter of his or her life. Celebrate their achievements and what is to come with this fun sports-inspired graduation party theme.

All Star Grad - Graduation Party Theme from