Our New Concierge Program – Check it out!

Customer Moments with Yvette #BigDot #HappyDot

Did you know about our brand new updated Concierge program?? It is awesome!! We have all new colors to choose from and font choices. You can change any of our personalized items colors or fonts. For example we just had a customer call and stated that she was viewing her invitation proof and she was disappointed that her font was not easy to read. She has several older guests that would have trouble reading the invitation. We simply switched her font to Centry from the CK Daydream (that is a bit more whimsy) and made the text larger and it was much better for her. She saw her proof and was ecstatic that they were easy to read and we got them shipped to her right away. She also emailed us once she received her invitations and said several of her guests had called her to let her know that the invitations were really nice too…concierge success!

As for color changes- if you need a purple monkey- we can do it. The only items we cannot change the color of is our plates, napkins and cups. We have had some amazing changes happen that have turned out so nice for customers- and we really owe that gratitude to our designers who do amazing work. Pretty much anything you can dream with our items- we can do. For example- we just had a customer use our Blue Elephant Birthday Theme- but added one of our cross designs to it. I have included a picture below to check out. Adorable idea!

Click here to read about our Concierge Program

We look forward to working with you to plan your next special event and don’t forget to checkout our Concierge program too!

Big Dot of Happiness Concierge Program - We can make any of our themes YOU-nique! #BigDot #HappyDot