New Baby Shower Theme – Under The Sea Critters!

Under The Sea Critters Baby Shower ThemeI absolutely love the Under The Sea Critters design by Big Dot of Happiness! It’s always exciting for me to see Big Dot’s latest creations. And Under The Sea Critters baby shower theme is no exception! Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

This cute theme features “a bright-eyed orange octopus, a grinning green sea turtle, a puffed-up blue puffer fish, a smiling gray stingray, and even a tiny red crab, all of whom are ready to help you throw a unique, one-of-a-kind baby shower theme idea.”

And what I love most about it is that it IS unique! Of course, Big Dot of Happiness has your baby shower covered with everything from invites to thank you notes and everything in between. But what the Under The Sea Critters baby shower theme allows you to do is really expand the boundaries of what a baby shower can be by going above and beyond the traditional route of baby shower décor!

For example, with the Under the Sea Critters baby shower theme you could give each one of your guests a gold fish as a take-home favor. Of course, not everyone may appreciate a new pet as a favor, but for the right crowd, it could be a lot of fun! Here’s another idea to incorporate into your Under The Sea Critters baby shower – try raising money for a cause – like rescuing wildlife from oil spills or helping out the polar bears. Both ideas are a bit outside the box, but with a unique theme like Under The Sea Critters, everything is fair game! Happy planning!

Posted by Sara, a Dot-arilla Blogger