Monkey See, Monkey Do… We Love Monkeys! How about you?

The other week I was in the mall doing what I do best – people watching!  While I was wandering and window-shopping, I came across a younger couple with a double stroller.  They had adorable twins, one boy and one girl, that couldn’t have been older than two.  These two little ones had matching shirts with lovable monkeys on them.  One shirt read, “Monkey See” and the other read, “Monkey Do” – 100% adorable!  I couldn’t help but smile when I saw these two!

A couple stores later, I ran into them again.  The auntie in me couldn’t help but tell them that they were adorable and that I really liked their shirts.  Their mom said thank you and we started to make small talk.  She said that they are about to turn two and are having a monkey themed birthday party!  Before we parted ways, she told me they have a trick.  She asked them what sound a monkey made and all of a sudden, they both in unison scream, “ooohh-ooohh-ah-ah”!

It was the most adorable, refreshing thing I saw all day.  I couldn’t help but laugh and smile!  As I was walking away, I was thinking that their upcoming birthday party is going to be a very special occasion!  They obviously adore monkeys and will have an excellent time!

If you know a mommy having twins or the little ones themselves that also adore monkeys, we have twin monkey themes just for you!  They feature our adorable monkey boy, monkey girl, or monkey neutral and are all ready to help you go bananas for your next celebration!  Ooohh-ooohh-ah-ah!

Twin Monkey Neutral Theme Twin Monkey Boys Theme Twin Monkey Girls ThemeTwin Monkeys 1 Boy & 1 Girl

Posted by Kelsey, an Expert Expert