Let’s Party with a Purpose – Happy Heartiversary

Celebrating All Heart Warriors.

A “Heartiversary” is the anniversary of a cardiac surgery and recognizes each year following that another year has passed since the Heart Warrior was given a second chance to live.

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte was born with a congenital heart defect and underwent surgery for a homograft, or a tissue graft, two days after birth. Congenital heart defects (CHD) are the most common birth defect, randomly affecting approximately 1 in 100 babies. They are also the leading cause of birth defect-related mortality.

Check out this Amazon news article that further explains the backstory of how Big Dot and Charlotte’s mom became friends. Read Here

“The idea of a Heartiversary was not even on my radar until we learned about it from other parents,” Charlotte’s mom said. “There are so many points before and after surgery when we hold our breath, so having that positive milestone to look forward to is powerful.”

When Big Dot CEO & Founder, Sherri, learned about Heartiversaries, she was inspired to create a new initiative at Big Dot of Happiness.

Real People. Real Parties. Real Purpose. Big Dot of Happiness donates 10% of every Heartiversary sale to The Children’s Heart Foundation™ .

Big Dot collaborated with Charlotte’s mom to create our Heartiversary theme. And in April 2021, Charlotte celebrated her 1st Heartivesary!

Big Dot of Happiness hosted a Blood Drive with the American Red Cross in celebration of Charlotte and her 1st Heartiversary. Charlotte’s mom and family ran a virtual blood drive with Bloodworks Northwest to help reduce blood shortages and to celebrate Charlotte’s Heartiversary in a very special way.

Do you have a special Heart Warrior in your life?

Your love and support means the world to someone with a congenital heart defect (CHD), so celebrating their Heartiversary is a beautiful way to commemorate all the miracles. Throw a surprise party and start by decorating the room with a red, blue, and white Heartiversary bunting banner and swirls. Then, pass a jumborific card around and have everyone write messages of encouragement before the guest of honor arrives. Finally, place a Heartiversary yard sign out front so the entire neighborhood knows you’re honoring someone with superpower status. Your heart hero has earned it!

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To donate blood or host a blood drive, please contact your local blood bank. And to register to be an Organ Donor, please visit Donate Life America.

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