Leopard Dog Party Theme & Decoration Ideas

Animal Print Dog Party Ideas: Leopard Party Theme #PoochPawty

Style a dog-gone fun pooch party with a Leopard dog party theme. This fun animal print is great for any occasion and will look perfect with your favorite accent color. This event used pinks to make it super girly for Ruby’s first birthday.

Animal Print Dog Party Ideas: Leopard Party Theme #PoochPawty

1. Die Cut Tags // One of the most versatile craft supplies for any event, die cut tags looked fabulous tied to treat jars. The personalization is just one more reason to add them to all of your buffet containers and doggie treat bags.

2. Poster // Custom posters fill you party space with a grand statement – and they look great afterward hung above food and water bowls or above your pooches bed.

3. Water Bottle Labels // Every pooch party is going to have fresh water for the pups. You won’t want to ruin your table display with the ugly store labels so be sure to dress up the bottles with these fun wrappers.

4. Banner // Greet guests at the door when you hang a custom banner at the entrance. This impressive party banner can even be hung outside on a fence or balcony if the forecast doesn’t call for rain.

5. Treats // Don’t forget about your people guests! Offer them some sweet treats in your party’s accent color – just be sure to keep them away from the pups.

6. Pooch Bow Tie // And of course, everyone should come dressed for the pawty. A fun bow tie on all of the pups is sure to elicit some photo ops!

Now that you have your party foundations, it is time to celebrate your pooch and
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