It’s a {Guaranteed} Winner!

We’ve all been to one. The baby shower with the games that drag on… and on… and, oh look at the time – gotta run. But just because your past experience with baby shower games is less than fab, it doesn’t mean they are ALL drab.

Baby shower games are a great way to break the ice among a large group of people who may not know each other. Usually a group of the Mommy-To-Be’s family, friends, co-workers and maybe a close neighbor or two.

Baby Shower Scracth Off Games

We have taken the guess work out of picking a great baby shower game that fits a mixed group of party goers and created a selection of custom scratch off games to coordinate with all our baby shower themes. Each playing card can be personalized with your special message.

Make game play as quick or as competitive as you want. Simply get a feel for your crowd and decided how you would like to proceed. We have come up with 3 game playing ideas but the options are endless when you get creative with these baby shower scratch off games!

Try these baby shower game ideas:
SIMPLE: Greet guests as they arrive and hand them a baby shower scratch off card.
QUICK: Display one scratch off card at each place setting and have them play while your group enjoys the luncheon.
FAVORITE: Give them out as mini prizes during baby shower gift bingo or other games. The winning scratch off card(s) gets a grand prize.


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