Graduation Party Ideas: Diploma Napkin Wraps

The graduating class will soon be completing their final tests and moving into the next chapter of their life. Celebrate their hard work with a graduation party full of fun ideas and special touches that put their accomplishments front and center. We used the Chalkboard Cheers graduation theme along with some special DIY ideas to create this unique event.

graduation-party-napkin-wrapsDiploma napkin wraps are a fun way to dress up your buffet table or each individual place setting. You can quickly and economically create this graduation craft idea – They are sure to add a lot of extra pizzazz to your event!

You will need:

Graduation Party Napkins and Utensils
COLOR INSPIRATION // Coordinate with your graduation party theme or match the school colors – either the colors of the school they are graduating from or the colors of the higher education institution they are headed to.
Skinny Ribbon, found in the craft section of your local variety store
Embroidery Thread, split into single strands (We used silver.)
White Office Paper
Hot Glue Gun
and Glue Sticks


Cut strips of the white office paper, 8.5″ x 1.5″ and lengths of embroidery thread, 5″ long

Roll the strip of office paper into a tight tube and tie off with the embroidery thread, wrapped around the tube multiple times, then tied in a knot. Trim excess.

Roll your utensils into a napkin, straight across, not angled from corner to corner, and fasten off with a length of skinny ribbon. You can carefully glue the ribbon, making sure to not attach it to the napkin itself or gently tie into a knot.

Fasten the mini diploma to the front of the skinny ribbon with a tiny dot of hot glue, using the same caution as fastening at the back.

Display your adorable graduation napkin wraps at the buffet table or at each place setting on your banquet tables for an extra-special touch everyone will remember!

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