{Free Printable} 4th of July Treats For Your Dog

4th of July Dog Party Ideas

4th of July celebrations are just not for your two-legged friends, include your pooch and their four-legged friends in your party. Have special treats, games, and refreshments for the dogs to enjoy. The dogs and their owners will have a blast celebrating together.

Free Printable 4th of July Dog Treat Tags

I used free printable 4th of July tags from our partner, BigDotOfHappiness.com to decorate treats for the pups that will be attending our 4th of July party. I bought different types of rawhide sticks that I slid through the tags and will use them as décor on our buffet until the pups are ready for a snack. I also used the bottle tag available on the printable to decorate dishes for the buffet table. Check out BigDotOfHappiness.com’s blog for more 4th of July party ideas, we love what they did with their blue chevron and red chevron designs to decorate a 4th of July party.

4th of July Dog Treats

Psst…Don’t forget to download the free 4th of July printable and send us your 4th of July pictures!

4th of July Tags Printable(click to download and print)
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