Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Stores

Favorite dog friendly stores that allow you to shop with your dog.

There have been a lot of things going on at Big Dot Of Happiness, our partner party supply store. One is the addition of a retail store where you can be inspired by the window displays, pick out the perfect party supplies and order custom printed decorations that will be ready the same day with in-store pick-up*. We are all crazy for our pups and the party experts over at Big Dot aren’t any different. It isn’t odd to see Karma, the little brown poodle, running about scavenging for treats. Or the larger-than-life Great Dane puppy who now stands much taller than any of our desks, George, who stops by for visits on snow days.

Favorite dog friendly stores that allow you to shop with your dog.

With all of the fun happening, it was easy to start to wonder what other retail stores are dog-friendly. We decided to dig in and figure out just what stores allow you to shop with your dog.

The Standards // These are the stores you would expect to find on any dog-friendly store list.

Petco, Petsmart, That Pet Place, Doctors Fosters and Smith, and most local pet stores – These are retail stores that focus on pet products and supplies. They love seeing your dog’s fuzzy little face and probably even have a treat or two behind the counter for them.

The DIYers // These are stores for you and your furry best friend as you shop for the perfect home improvement supplies or try to complete that DIY project you started waaay tooo long ago.

Lowes & Home Depot – That furry face has watched your struggle through that DIY project or dodged the demo part of the home improvement project so he probably deserves to go for a ride and help you pick out the rest of your project supplies at one of these stores.

The Man Malls // This is what The Hubbs calls these stores but I like shopping here too. The fact that I can bring my pup makes them that much more awesome!

Bass Pro Shop & Tractor Supply Co. and other local hardware, farm, feed stores – You could probably find a cute hat for you and a dog treat for Fido so you all leave happy!

The Unexpected // These shops surprised me but mostly it is up to the manager so as long as they don’t serve food, most will be OK with Fido helping you pick out an outfit!

Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Old Navy – You are even more likely to be welcomed by these stores if they are located in a strip mall as shoppers typically come to these areas to walk their pup and window shop.

The Tricky // I commend these stores for welcoming Fido but I don’t think I would bring a large dog as their swishing tail may get you purchasing something you would rather not!

Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and other home and fixture stores – since they don’t serve food, they are typically dog-friendly.

Their may be many more local options depending on your location. Your best bet is to call ahead and confirm so you don’t wind up someplace Fido isn’t welcome.

And, if you find yourself near Menomonie, WI, stop in at the Big Dot Local Party Store and let us help you plan a dog party. We promise to keep your pup occupied with lots of pets and snuggles while you shop!

Big Dot Party Store and Events in Menomonie, Wisconsin // Contact us to see how we can help make your party remarkable! funevents@bigdotofhappiness.com*Same-day printing and pick-up of personalized party supplies applies to local orders received before 12 pm CST. If we receive your order after 12 pm CST, your order will be ready for pick-up the next day.