DONUT WORRY, Let’s Party! – Doughnut Party

Donut Worry, Let's Party - Doughnut Party Theme

We all know one or a number of people that LOVE donuts, so why not throw them a doughnut party! Grab your coffee, because whether you’re hosting a birthday party or baby shower, it’s time to plan a donut party! (Or a party for National Donut Day!)

Our Donut Worry, Let’s Party – Doughnut Party theme has a variety of fun colorful donuts, some with sprinkles and some with drizzled frosting, all looking good enough to eat!

With vibrant colors and fun doughnut “puns” everyone will love these party decorations. Simply grab the doughnut table toppers as fun centerpieces or use them also photo booth props.

Then you can also have the funny photo prop kits that can be displayed in the entrance as your guests walk in, scattered out on a table against the wall, or placed inside mason jars, for quick, fun and oh so easy pictures!

Don’t forget to quench everyone’s thirst! Feed them donuts and give the adults wine and everyone will be happy! Simply apply Donut Worry, Let’s Party wine bottle label stickers to your beverage bar. Doughnut-shaped straw decors kits are another great way to let you drinks shine above the rest! Simply apply the donut cutouts to the straw then place next to each place setting, or in mason jars or cappuccino glasses.

Everyone will be excited about your party when they receive doughnut-shaped invitations, and then so grateful they partied with you when they receive their “Thanks A Hole Bunch” thank you card.

Why go through the hard decision of deciding if you want donuts or cake for the party. Have BOTH! This simple doughnut cake is easy to create, and perfect for any donut party.

Simple do it yourself donut cake

Time to Create Your Cake!

To create your own donut cake first, bake your favorite cake flavor. I just used two white cake box mixes and 8 inch round cake pans. You could also, just use one cake box mix, it depends on the size of your cake and how many layers you’d like. I created a three-tier cake and had extra cake mix left over for additional cupcakes. So the options are endless, just follow the cake box directions and recommendations for baking different cake pan sizes.

Let’s Decorate!

After the cakes are baked and cooled, its time to create and decorate!

If you are creating a layered cake, make sure you put frosting between each tier of cake so they stick together, and don’t move. Then frost the entire cake, I used white buttercream frosting. Then, it’s time to add the sprinkles!

The Sprinkles!

The easiest way I found to place the sprinkles onto the cake was using cling wrap. Cut a small portion off the roll – I used the length of the roll by about three inches high. The trick is to lightly spray the cling wrap with cooking spray, this helps hold the sprinkles in place. Then, place the sprinkles on top of the cooking sprayed areas, and transfer to the cake. Gently press the sprinkles into the cake so they stay. Continue adding sprinkles until you like how they look! In the end, I added a few sprinkles by hand in areas I wanted, and to fill holes.

Donut Cake Drizzle:

The drizzle – there are several different ways to create the drizzled look, Pinterest is my best friend and has several different recipes. I just used a simple royal icing recipe to create the purple drizzle on top of the cake. If you go with royal icing, make sure you add the liquid a little at a time. You don’t want it too runny or it won’t stop at different lengths on the cake. Go all around the cake to create the “runs” down the side. Let it dry a little bit, this will also be creating a border around the cake. Once the drizzle that’s running down the cake has dried a bit, fill in the top of the cake with the remaining icing. Take your time and let the icing distribute evenly. If you place too much, it will begin to run down the sides.

Tuning Into A Doughnut Cake

Let the icing set for awhile. Before serving cake you’ll want to add the donuts on top of the cake! You don’t want to add to soon so the donuts dry out. I used a smaller sized doughnut from the local bakery. Depending on the size of your cake and the size of the doughnuts will determine how many you need. Place your doughnuts on top to finish your desired look!

I used three donuts, all the same, original size, one was the full size, one I cut in half and one doughnut I cut just a small portion off, to create the different heights. I then inserted toothpicks into each donut and placed into the cake to help them stay in place and standing. If you have extra frosting or icing leftover you can use as “glue” to help keep the donuts in place.

You should now have a finished cake that will look too good to eat! Enjoy!

Simple DIY Donut Cake for any Doughnut Party

Everything is better with DONUTS!

Happy Planning! (Or eating!)