Don’t Forget Dad! Celebrate with a Daddy BABY-Q Man Shower

Daddy BABY-Q man showers are the latest trend in celebrating new parents. This collection of baby shower supplies puts Daddy-To-Be front and center, ready to take on his new role as professional diaper changer and expert cuddler. Daddy BABY-Q man shower theme comes with three different looks to resemble Daddy-To-Be, with each style having the ability to change numerous ways to create the exact look of Daddy. Our concierge design service will man hair and skin tone changes, as well as any other color or font changes for free so you can have a celebration that is YOU-niqe.

Daddy BABY-Q Man Shower Theme #BigDot #HappyDotDaddy BABY-Q man showers are perfect for backyard barbeques where Daddy-To-Be can listen as dads swap stories of the fun, the crazy and the sleepless challenges ahead.

They are also perfect for workplace baby showers where co-workers may not be close with Mommy-To-Be but they still want to honor the new dad. A Daddy BABY-Q is the perfect lunch-time event for the entire team.

Daddy BABY-Q Man Shower Theme #BigDot #HappyDotEasily decorate without a lot of fluff and frills when you host a man shower. Pint glasses filled with popcorn, dressed up with a custom tag and twine – and washed down with a local brew that is dressed up with our cool dad shades bottle topper – are always crowd pleasers.

Planning man shower games is easy with our personalized party supplies. Helpful Hints Cards are a great way to get everyone giving Daddy-To-Be the advice he wants, needs and shouldn’t hear. Custom Scratch-Off game cards are a great way to give a few prizes to the other Dads – a 6-pack of beer is always appreciated! And, the Bottoms Up baby shower game is unexpected but definite crowd favorite. Simply purchase a baby bottle for each guest and fill them with a fun beverage. Then let the chugging begin! The winner is the Daddy who finishes first.

Daddy BABY-Q Man Shower Theme #BigDot #HappyDot

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