Dogs of the Blog: Dodger

Dogs of the Blog: Dodger #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty

Dogs of the Blog: Dodger, the Young Pup #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty

Dogs of the Blog: Dodger #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawtyDodger is a young pup just learning the ropes around Every day is a new adventure for Dodger and he wants to share everything he has learned. From behavior, toys and treats, he will test it all and let you know the best puppy products out there.

An adventurous hound dog, he’s still a young pup that sometimes let’s his curiosity gets the best of him. While his mom was throwing his puppy shower, he found his puppy cake early and ate it all himself. He learned the hard way that you should always share with your friends.

I’m only 8 months old but I’m just as tough as all the big kids.

Favorite Food
I like anything I can catch. I love sniffing out my food.

I’m a big music fan. I love howling along & wagging my tail with my favorite songs on the radio.

Favorite Movie
The Fox and the Hound is pretty good. I wish I had a cool fox friend.

Best Trick
I’m still learning but I can already sit, stay and roll over. You just wait though, I’ll be the bestest with tricks soon enough.

Favorite Toys
You can’t go wrong with a yummy bone. Are we done now? I wanna go play!