Dog Party Ideas: 4 Ways to Include Dogs at Any Party

4 Ways to Include Dogs at Your Next Party #PoochPawty

We are happy to host Brandi Elliott, author of Death by Chocolate Lab, with her tips on including your pup in all of life’s celebrations.

There are so many benefits of owning a dog, it is no wonder we would want to share our lives with them, and that can include our parties. Here are some easy ways to make sure that your four-legged friend is included in your next get-together.

1. Location, Location, Location!

This really is the cardinal rule for so many things. If you want to include dogs at your party, make sure that you host the party at a dog-friendly locale. Places like backyards, beaches, or safe parks can be ideal. Just make sure to do your homework to ensure that both pup and guests will be happy.

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2. Include Fido on the Invite

When sending out your invitations, make sure it is clear that everyone is welcome to bring their best friend, furry or not! Check out these cute invitations.

3. Make Puppies Feel at Home with Toys!

Don’t forget your manners. You’ve invited them, you should make sure they are having a good time. Guests will love to see them running around playing, not to mention it will be a good conversation starter.

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4. Don’t Forget to Feed ’em!

You wouldn’t throw a party and not have food and drinks for your guests, would you? That includes your canine guests, too. Time to break out those treat recipes. Try this no bake recipe. Remember to provide plenty of fresh water.

No matter what you are celebrating, you can include your favorite pooch at the party. Just keep these things in mind when planning and all your guests will have a blast!

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About Brandi Elliott

I am the mommy of one rambunctious yet loveable mutt, Coco, and an old cranky kitty, Spooky.  I love cooking and baking treats and have a passion for learning new things.  I love Westerns, reading, and giving quality belly rubs. I can usually be found relaxing with my husband, watching sporting events–mostly against my will.  You can read more about my crazy life with Coco and Co. at