Your Dog and Moving

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emdot / Foter / CC BY

Moving is a nightmare! It’s no fun for anyone, including your pup. Dogs depend on stability and familiarity, so a dramatic change in location will shake him up a little. There are a couple things you can do to make the move a little easier on your dog.

Keep his things – You may think a new home deserves new items, but keep your dog’s same bed, crate, bowls and toys. There’s already enough change for your pup! Having these familiar items around will comfort your dog and make transition much easier.

Keep him safe – While moving in and out, keep your dog in a safe place. You don’t want him to get loose or get in the way when moving large items. Place your pup in a closed room with toys, food and water, or in a crate where he can watch the action.

Keep his routine – Stay on the same schedule for feeding, walking and bedtime. Also, keep the same rules in your new house. If he wasn’t allowed on the furniture before, he should be allowed now.  Don’t try to teach new commands either; they need to stick with what they know while they adjust to the new surroundings.

Keep your cool – Once you’re in your new home, your pooch may be a little confused and have some accidents. This is not out of spite or anger towards you; they simply don’t know where to go or what to do in a new place. So stay calm and don’t scold your dog.

Moving is challenging for both you and your dog.  Just remember that they are part of this as well and also can be stressed in the situation.  Take care of your pup and make sure their needs are also being met in all of the commotion.